Business Guide: How to Improve Your Website for SEO Purposes

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If you have your own business then you have likely heard of SEO as the go to strategy for enhancing digital marketing. Search engine optimisation is a practice that all businesses should take up as it focuses on improving the visibility of your website by pushing up through the ranks of search engines. A large part of that is improving the usability and presentation of your website. Not only will this improve your ranks on the search results but it will create a better experience for your customers thus encouraging them to revisit your website and to build trust. To help you get started, below is a few steps you can take to improve your company website.

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Easy to Use, Navigate and Understand

This should be a given for all websites in existence but you would be surprised at the amount of sites, even professional ones for legitimate businesses, are extremely complex aren’t clear what the purpose of the domain is. The simplest way to layout your website in a user friendly structure is to have a homepage that clearly states what your website is for. You should have a header that has your brand logo and important details such as contact number or email address. In addition you should have a menu running along the top of the screen, below the header that has a button for all the main pages. The menu should be visible on every page. Whether your side is informational, e-commerce or a platform for sharing the flow of the site should be obvious. All customers should be able to find where they want to go in a matter of seconds. This will also make it easier for the search engine to crawl and to rank in terms of SEO.

SEO Requires Direct and Relevant Content

Try to avoid having any content that is irrelevant to your customers and keep it is concise as possible. Avoid jargon where you can! In terms of SEO, a website that is rich in content has a higher chance of ranking well however quality over quantity is the definitive rule for search engine optimisation. The use of keywords is important when it comes to content on your website as that is how Google, or your preferred search engine, will assess the relevancy of your site for your customers. In order to ensure you are using keywords that have a high search volume you can use the keyword planner on AdWords. An important thing to remember is that Google and other search engines don’t like excessive use of keywords in attempt to rank higher; this is known as keyword stuffing. Instead assign one or two keyword to each page that are relevant to the content on that page. This way it shouldn’t be difficult to use those keywords in sentences that make sense.

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Professionally Designed Site

Although there are many platform available that can help you build your own site that looks fairly professional without the cost of hiring a web developer, depending on the size and complexity of your site it may be best you to enlist the help of an expert. You should treat your website as you would a physical store for your business. So having a high quality site with state of the art technology should be the top of your priorities. This will benefit your business in terms of SEO as well.